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CLCA serves and protects the interests of its members, promotes professionalism, and advances public awareness of the landscape industry.

Enter the 60th Annual CLCa SFV Chapter Beautification Awards

The CLCA San Fernando Valley chapter is now accepting entries for the 60th annual chapter Beautification Awards. Entries are due April 19, with late entries being accepted until April 26 with a late entry fee. The gala awards presentation will be held June 15 at Rancho Deluxe.

Download the entry form HERE.

Download the sponsor form HERE.

Congratulations to the winners at the 2018 CLCA SFV Chapter Beautification Awards


Utsinger Residence by Garden View Inc. winner of the Special Effects Award.

The San Fernando Valley Chapter of CLCA held its 59th Annual Landscape Beautification Awards Banquet at Airtel-Van Nuys on Saturday evening, June 16, 2018. Following a networking reception and sumptuous dinner, attendees enjoyed an exciting multi-media presentation of all entries and the presentation of the landscape beautification awards.

Click HERE for a complete list of winners.

CLCA Honors Nelson Colvin at 2016 Trophy Awards

CLCA Life Member Nelson Colvin was honored for his many years of service to the assocition during the 2016 Trophy Awards during the CLCA Annual Convention in Paso Robles.

Unlicensed Operators Getting You Down?

If you are a victim of unlicensed operator activities, the California Landscape Contractors Association has some good news for you:
There are two state-government entities that are responsible for enforcing some or all of the laws that pertain to these activities: the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) and the Joint Enforcement Strike Force. The former oversees the Statewide Investigation Fraud Team (SWIFT), which investigates complaints against unlicensed contracting and related activities. The latter is a multi-agency organization that seeks to root out the underground economy and devotes a large portion of its enforcement efforts to the construction industry.

If you really want to put your illegal competition out of business, you must do your part. You must report illegal activities to the proper state agency.

Gather Information
It's important to gather as much information as possible when faced with competition you believe to be illegal. Try to get the operator's name, address, phone number, vehicle make, and vehicle license number. Get the address of his or her jobs in progress. Get the project owner's name, address, and phone number. Collect the operator's advertisements, fliers, and business cards. Is the person using a contractor's license number? If so, make a note of the number. In addition, pictures can be excellent evidence, if you have an opportunity to take them. Check with the CSLB to find out if the person or firm is licensed -- and licensed in the proper category. To check a license, go to License Status Check on the CSLB's website. You'll find a wealth of information there on all of California's licensed contractors.

Unlicensed Operators
After you've collected as much information as you can, and you've determined that the person or firm is operating without a license, fill out an Unlicensed Activity Lead Form and send it to the nearest CSLB SWIFT unit. The addresses and fax numbers of the two California units are on the form. Also fill out a Lead Report and send it to Underground Economy Operations (the Joint Enforcement Strike Force) at the address on the form. Although SWIFT and the Joint Enforcement Strike Force cooperate very closely with one another on unlicensed operations, CLCA recommends that you inform both organizations to improve the chances of quick action. If you do that, write "cc" and the name of the other organization on both reports; that way both organizations will know that the other received the information as well.

April 25
6:30 p.m. Pest Control for Trees. Ewing Chatsworth. For information, call 818-772-7233.

April 26
5:00 p.m. Final Entry Deadline for Beautification Awards. For information, call 818-772-7233.

May 2
7:30 - 9:30 a.m. Board Meeting. Denny's, 9001 Tampa Ave., Northridge. For information, call 818-772-7233.

May 2-4
Awards judging. For information, call 818-772-7233.

May 4
5:30 p.m. Green Industry Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The Proud Bird Event Center, Los Angeles. For information, call 866-614-1755.

June 6
7:30 - 9:30 a.m. Board Meeting. TBA. For information, call 818-772-7233.

June 15
6:00 p.m. Beautification Awards Ceremony. Rancho Deluxe Movie Ranch. For information, call 818-772-7233.

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